Nanotechnology- A Rapidly Expanding Career

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Nanotechnology- A Rapidly Expanding Career Empty Nanotechnology- A Rapidly Expanding Career

Post  ramreddy on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:39 pm

Nanotechnology is the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, from developing new materials with dimensions on the nano scale to investigating whether we can directly control matter on the atomic scale.

Career Areas of Nanotechnology

In areas as diverse as designing medical diagnostic devices to building better batteries, from creating cosmetics to enhancing energy efficient windows, from auto and plane manufacturing to researching the nature of matter itself, knowledge of nanotechnology will be increasingly important during upcoming years and decades.

Current applications of nano scale science and technology, and thus career opportunities, exist in areas such as:

  • Electronics/semiconductor industry
  • Materials science including textiles, polymers, packaging, among other
  • Auto and aerospace industries
  • Sports equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals including drug delivery, cosmetics, among others
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical fields
  • Optoelectronics
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Food science including quality control and packaging
  • Forensics
  • University and federal lab research
  • National security
  • Military
  • And many more Cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields
  • Auto-mobile gadgets
  • Genetic engineering
  • Sports and fitness equipments
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Ophthalmology related instruments
  • Quality control
  • Army, Air force and Military equipments
  • Space and Robotics
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Aeronautics

Nanotechnology job projections

As nanotechnology come to have increasing impacts on many aspects of our daily lives, the opportunities for careers in these fields are expanding rapidly. A major challenge for the field is the education and training of a new generation of skilled workers.

Nanotechnology job projections are estimated to be nearly two million workers worldwide by 2015.

0.8-0.9 million – USA
0.5-0.6 million – Japan
0.3-0.4 million – Europe
0.2 million – Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)
0.1 million – other regions

In addition, nanotechnology will create another five million jobs worldwide in support fields and industries.

Academic fields of study:

Nanoscale phenomena underlie many of the properties and interactions of matter, and thus the sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology. Studying these fields, and paying attention to the developments in nanoscience that advance them and the applications in nanotechnology that they support, can provide you with a solid foundation for any of a broad range of careers.

Potential fields of study include:

Environmental Science
Agricultural Science
Forensic Science

Postgraduate Courses Nanotechnology

M.Tech Nanotechnology
Advanced P.G. Diploma in Nanotechnology
Ph.D in nanotechnology

Career Prospects

Persons who have completed Nanotechnology course can offer their services to several industries starting from agriculture, medicine, coaching, genetics and environment industry. Also there is scope in the research jobs in bio-technology, forensic sciences and even space research. Since India is a quickly rising as a country, there are plenty of opportunities for Nano technologists. Nanotechnology is an extremely rewarding line to choose as a career option.


Remuneration in Nanotechnology field is strictly based on experience and performance. The opening pay scale is based upon the industry they choose. Anyone with an M.Tech degree in Nanotechnology is able to get a salary of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 per month. This is a field that has variety of scope for performance, incentives and other benefits. Depending on the performance, experience and nature of work, the pay packet may vary from Rs. 600000, to Rs. 12, 00,000 per annum.


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