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Creativity will fetch you a Job - Murali B, CEO, BSI Infotech Empty Creativity will fetch you a Job - Murali B, CEO, BSI Infotech

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Creativity will fetch you a Job - Murali B, CEO, BSI Infotech 00113-9-10-16484
Murali Bukapatnam
CEO, BSI Infotech

Murali Bukapatnam - CEO BSI Infotech, pursued his B.Tech. Computer science in India and then, went to US for pursuing MS in Computer Science in South Eastern University. Interacting with people and doing things newly are his key core strengths. He started his career with of course not a huge paying job but, a decent paying job in a U.S government consultancy and rose to the level of CEO.

Q. In the present economic situation what are the strongest hiring sectors?
A. Strongest is the service sector. It is doing very well. In Indian point of view, it is the biggest and strongest hiring sector. But, now everyone has started hiring. I interact very often with Microsoft, Capgemini, Cognizant, they are all hiring.

Q. What is the percentage of engineers working in your company and what kind of opportunities do you provide?
A. All my employees are engineers. And, my company basically does three things. CRM, ERP and integration between those two. So, we look for people with java, VB script knowledge. And traditionally, we hire people from mid level to end level. As, my business is more on the domain knowledge, I need people with functional knowledge. I look for candidates with marketing and telecom industry knowledge.

Q. What is lacking in engineering colleges?
A. The biggest gap which I see in the engineering colleges is they lag in providing domain knowledge to the students. Engineering colleges should give the students more inputs on domain knowledge from the beginning of the fourth year depending upon the functional areas which a candidate wants to enter.

Q. What kind of opportunities do you provide to freshers?
A. I really love to provide opportunities to freshers because, they bring lot of energy into the companies and they come up with fresh ideas. As they read some theory, they come with excitement to implement it practically. But, to be frank in real life “theory and the practical implementation” are very different. So, I am planning to tie up with some engineering colleges and work with them in providing the domain knowledge to the candidates and then hire them. I am open for any engineering college to have a talk regarding this.

IT as a career…
I look at IT in a philosophical way. IT is a backbone. But, a backbone cannot function alone. So, IT should be used with other core subjects.For example let’s say automatic opening of a door it includes both machinery as well as controlling software. If Indian education system can start thinking or inculcate the standards of the students to think IT as a back bone then things will be absolutely much more speedy and will result in the rapid growth of the economy.

Q. What are the present cutting edge technologies on which the students can concentrate to improve their employability?

A. Present cutting edge technologies are: Multimedia, CRM – it has a tremendous scope now a days and LMS- Learning Management System- It is a brand new thing but it is not taken up in India yet.LMS plays a major role in streamlining different domains sectors like Pharma, Hospitals, Tourism etc. At the core level you can work on C, java, ASP, C++, Visual C++ . Apart from cutting edge technologies, opportunities are also endless in Social Media networking. Candidates can improve their employability only when they start developing the applications on their own- which is a tremendous skill set.

Q. Where should the students take up the final year projects?

A. Companies are the best place to do projects. If you can get some kind of internship or a chance to get a live experience on a real project- It is the best way to do the projects. Just going to the institutes and taking up the old projects or just copying them doesn’t help you. Because, here you may gain marks but not experience and knowledge.

And the other method is doing projects on their own. Let the guys get experience in writing a Google application, let the guy get experience in writing an i-pod application, or writing an application in the windows mobile application. Let them do something different. Then they don’t need to go for a company for internship and also spend thousands of rupees in training institutes to get an experience. My company will hire you if you can come up with such a written “one or two lines of real time application in any sector. Because this will tell us that the guy has the aptitude and he can solve any problem required by companies.

Q. What are your suggestions to the engineering students? Which is better MS/ MBA or work experience?
A. I will not recommend them to go for higher studies unless they have two years minimum work experience. When I went for MS in US, in my first class which was C++, the professor was talking about building an application to solve a fire engine problem which I don't know because I just had bookish knowledge and no practical experience. I couldn’t do well and I got a C grade. The students who come to higher education especially in the western universities are all work experienced people, their mind set, their thinking is very different. The masters or the MBA program is to inculcate the working habits, how to improve your thinking stuff, how to become a better manager, better consultant, better engineers and more over a better person in your career. And, freshers don’t need all these, they just need to start understanding and learning to implement the concepts they have learnt in their course of study. By the time a candidate achieves two years of experience, he must have met with his team leaders, project managers, might have made phone calls to the other countries and so now he has the maturity of mind to absorb the knowledge. So, I sincerely recommend students who are considering to do the masters or MBA to get two years of work experience and then go for masters or MBA. But, be careful because once you have started working you will start to just work, you will not study.

Q. What advice would you like to give to the youngsters who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs?
A. It’s a welcome sign. Majority of the Indians want to somehow enhance their income either by doing two jobs, or investing in business or starting their own business that is an entrepreneurship. Youngsters today are thinking in this line. My advice to such aspirants is don’t give up. You might fail twice, thrice, ten times but don’t give up until you succeed.You know “starbucks”, the world’s largest coffeehouse failed six times then only they succeeded. Microsoft, we all know today as a billion dollars company but initially they had so many hick ups. Entrepreneurship helps you not to give up but to try and try until you succeed. I always recommend and encourage people to become an entrepreneur. In fact engineering students should all come together and start an engineering coaching center or write an application online or invent some new products or create their own portals, websites etc.

Do something new and start up your own organization. Do a small thing but it should have a huge impact. For example, let's take "" website it's all about selling tickets online which is a fantastic idea. People need to think and do something like this. Then you don't need to search for opportunities, they will come to you. A little creativity can fetch you a job.


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