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Improve your employability skills - UmaRao, HR Head, IBM Empty Improve your employability skills - UmaRao, HR Head, IBM

Post  ramreddy on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:45 am

Expose yourself by participating in seminars, paper presentation right from the beginning. Build your confidence to speak and communicate. These are very important, as employers are not going to simply hire you because you have an engineering degree.
- Umarao, HR-Head, IBM

Q. What are the attributes you look for in a fresher?

A. In a fresher, we look for sound knowledge of the concerned course and skills. We don't really compromise on that. I mean we don't want bottom least persons in terms of knowledge and skills. The whole reason why we do the questioning on the curriculum is because we want to understand whether you have done what you were suppose to have done during your studies. So, knowledge in subject is very important. We don't compromise on it. Beyond that we would look for somebody's attitude.

Q. How do you assess somebody's attitude?
A. We try and check what actually student had been doing in colleges and schools, in what extracurricular activities he has participated. Beyond studies, in colleges whether they have had exposure to anything else like learning any foreign language, or been a part of a sportive event or a social service etc. These are the things which actually add advantage to a person's employability.

Q.What is important... aptitude, attitude or communication skills?
A. It is very difficult to say because they all go hand in hand. Personally speaking, I give attitude the highest importance. What measures to be taken by a candidate especially a fresher while attending campus selections, job fairs? One is being well prepared in terms of physical stuff that you carry. Like you may have sent your resume, even then you need to carry your resume, not one at least two or three. Try to carry a folder with copies of certificates, resume and certain other credentials that you want to share with the interviewer. The other thing is that the way you present yourselves. Wear always clean ironed clothes and don't wear slippers. There is nothing wrong in being formal. It in fact generates a positive attitude. You need to brush up all the fundamentals because they are going to analyze what you studied and whether you know all the fundamentals or not. It is important to have good knowledge of your curriculum. And the other thing is that it is good to spend some time on solving puzzles, sudoku and all that.

Q. In the HR interviews, The questions like "Tell me about yourself" and "What are your salary expectations?"are asked. What is expected from these?
A. Tell me something about yourself is generally an opening question. It gives you the scope to talk loosely about yourself and also to talk confidently. You can tell about your education, family background, hobbies, extracurricular activities and all.

Q. What is lacking in engineering education?
A. The problem lies with the organizations individually because there are also some small institutes which are very good, very focused and there are also top institutes where the education system or teaching levels are very poor. The fire should be in the students. Colleges should concentrate on doing the right things like getting the right people to teach and getting the right companies to hire and also providing the right training skills. Being able to speak in English is something which cannot be earned in 3 or 4 months.Continuous efforts should made. Particularly in rural areas students are very intelligent but they don't have presentation skills, communication skills. These skills are very important for working in a corporate sector. What happens is that an average student in the urban colleges perhaps has better communication skills than a intelligent student from rural colleges. So, as an employer I feel that it is better to hire an average student and mould him to work by providing appropriate training.

Q. How should students develop to work in a team?
A. By taking initiative in organizing the events in their colleges and mini projects one can develop team work. The most important thing is that the candidates should start liking people. It means that you should like to work with people. Accept them for their faults as well as their good points.

Q. What are your suggestions for engineering graduates?
A. Improve the employability skills like soft skills, communication skills and technical knowledge. Expose yourself by particip-ating in seminars, paper presentation right from the beginning. Build your con-fidence to speak and communicate. These are very important, as employers are not going to simply hire you because you have an engineering degree. So improve English it will increase the chances for you to get a good job.


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