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Post  kiran on Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:18 pm

Hi Friends

I am Kiran completed this year(2010). I have attended CTS Interview last month.
Let me tell you the selection procedure.

There are 3 rounds
1) Written Test
2) Tech Interview
3) HR

Written Test is quite simple. They conducted test on reasoning and english, NO Quants at all. So just prepare english and reasoning.if you are good at those two then no need to prepare you can easily clear.

After that you will be having tech and hr round both will be on the same day.

i attended my interview at VBIT park, Hitech City at around 2 pm

i have waited for 3 hours to get my turn

let me tell you wat happens in my interview

Me: Good afternoon sir
int: gud aftrnnon kiran please take ur seat
Me : thank you sir
int: (he is just watching my resume and the form i filled at the time of my written test)
int: ok kiran how is ur day today
me: fine sir
int: ok kiran tell me abt urself
me: (routine question) given my introduction
int: what languages do u know
me: said C,C++, Java,SQL( guys be sure give only if u are perfect in those)
int:can you expalin wat is oops concepts
me: explained
int: wat is polymorphism
me: explianed
int: how many types of polymorphism exists
me: explained
int: wat is overloading and overriding and their diff
me: expalined
int: asked to give example prog to show overloading and overriding concepts in single program
me: written program and explained
int: how to avoid overriding
me : exlained
int : asked some c question only basics
me: i answered all of them
int: wat is SDLC
me: explained
int: do u know any of the models used in SDLC
me: said with example
int: wat is ur project
me: explained the title and theme of the project
int: wat is ur role in ur project
me: explained
int: ok kiran thats all from my side do u have any question
me: i said NO
int: ok then wait for the result
me: said Thank you and left from there

Remember guys be confident wen u r giving your answer if you dont know the answer just tell him that u r not getting it. try to be precise and clear wen u r giving ur answer

Coming to my HR round
it is little bit surprise to me and Shocking as well

Me: gud atrnoon sir
int: yes kiran how r u
me: fine sir wat abt u
int: great kiran
int: ok kiran just tell me about ur self
me: said starting with my academic background them came to family background and atlast told my strengths & weakness
int: ok kiran you can go do u have any questions
me: (i am surprised he just asked me only introduction)
me: asked abt the interview result
int: we will be intimating you within two weeks
me: said thank you and came from the hall

and after 13 days i got a mail from CTS mention i am selected

So guys dont worry just be cool wen u r infront of the interviewer.

Thats all i can give you now
Do well and lets meet in CTS
!!!All The Best!!!


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