Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Degree course (Main & supplementary) examinations

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Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Degree course (Main & supplementary) examinations Empty Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Degree course (Main & supplementary) examinations

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Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Degree course (Main & supplementary) examinations of the following semesters are likely to commence during the FIRST week of December 2010
1. II Year I Semester Main & Backlogs
2. III Year I Semester Main & Backlogs
3 I Year II Semester Supplementary
4. II Year II Semester Supplementary
5. III Year II Semester Supplementary
For Complete Details Check The Below Link[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The schedule for payment of examination fee and submission of examination application form
duly completed in all aspects and with proper attestation by the Principal is given below:
l. Last date for submission of form for students 27-10- 2010
II. Examination fee (any number of papers) Rs.560/-
In respect of the candidates who have completed Course requirement having appeared for
III year II semester and completed double duration of the Course but do not crossed (Cool years
from the date of admission, have to pay an additional amount of Rs.1000/- per subject,
Semester-wise along with normal Semester Fee.
Further, the students intending to appear for III Year II Semester have to pay Rs.350/- for
Consolidated Memorandum of Marks and Rs.60-00 for Provisional Certificate along with III
Year-II Semester Exam. Fee. The consolidated memorandum of marks and provisional
certificate will be sent to the Principals concerned from where the candidates have to obtain the
said certificates. The students need not apply individually for the above certificates at the
Examination Branch.
The Principals/Directors of MCA Colleges, O.U., are informed to forward all the
Examination Application forms along with a Xerox copy of last Examination Memo of the student
to this office on or before 03-11-2010. They are also requested to submit the fees for
received application forms only and not to pay the fee for un-received application forms.
Any excess fees paid for un-received application form is not refundable or adjustable.
Further, the College has to submit the sessional marks and the attendance of students in A-
3 size pertaining to respective semesters, well in advance atleast (15) days before the
commencement of the above examinations to enable this office to issue Hall Tickets.
As a part of the Core Banking System, all the students are hereby instructed to deposit the
Examination Fee into their respective College Accounts only for onward transmission to the
University by the college
The University has decided to accept the payment of Examination fee through Core
Banking System from the colleges under Osmania University Jurisdiction and the same was
communicated Vide Lr.No.171207/COE/2007, dated 17-12-2007, effective from 01-04-2008
onwards and under no circumstances DDs/Cheques will be accepted.
The Colleges those maintaining their Account with the Branches of State Bank of
Hyderabad, can remit the Fees through the same Branch for credit of Registrar, Examination
Fee Fund A/c.No.52198262033 maintained with Osmania University Branch of State Bank of
In case the College is maintaining its Account with any Bank other than the
State Bank of Hyderabad, they are required to deposit money in any Branch of State Bank of
Hyderabad for credit in to Registrar Examination Fee Fund A/c.No.52198262033.
Further, after remitting the Examination Fee into the Registrar Exam. Fee Fund
Account through Core Banking System the Colleges can obtain a receipt from the Bank and
submit the same to the Examination Branch along with Examination Forms on or before 03-11-2010.

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